Clermont Finest- Gqom Elite Mix no 28

- Gqom Elite Mix no 28

Track list

1. Split Up- Sagithera no Snipes

2. 2Kings 1Castle- K-Dot x Woza Sabza

3. Amplify [EDM-Mix]- Clermont Finest 

4. Spike 5- K-Dot 

5. God’s Gqom- K-Dot & Woza Sabza

6. Lion vs Hyenah– K-Dot x Woza Sabza 

7. Plug and Play(Broken Bass)- A&C

8. Death Wish- Clermont Finest 

9. Inkathazo (Gqom-Electronics)- IRohn Dwgs x Hleskow (uCharma)

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